Concept Station

On September 19, 2018, Landtech, Inc.’s Engineering Project Managers, Oscar Garza, P.E. and Carlos Juarez, P.E., had a unique opportunity to present a lunch-n-learn presentation on Bentley OpenRoads Concept Station to Entech and Landtech. This dynamic duo started their careers at the Texas Department of Transportation where they were trained on the benefits of utilizing this 3D conceptual design software to better execute design projects. For the last four years, Oscar and Carlos have used OpenRoads Concept Station to create conceptual level designs, develop construction cost estimates on schematic assignments, and develop 3D rendered models and animation capabilities for public meetings and presentations to fully help their clients understand the design plans and process. Currently, Landtech is currently using this software on SH 123 and SH 302 projects for the Texas Department of Transportation.

Oscar and Carlos are passionate about educating their fellow engineers on this time and cost saving software. During their lunch-n-learn presentation they educated the 50+ attendees on the use, benefits, and purpose of the software. In addition, they walked attendees through the initial set up of a project thru final delivery. “Bentley Concept Station is a great addition for anybody’s ‘engineering toolbox’. Considering the current demand on the transportation industry, it is imperative that industry members are able perform their work efficiently and accurately. In short, the tool helps design teams in two major facets of project development & delivery; it allows us to minimize downtime we experience while waiting on the delivery of traditional survey data and it allows us to more efficiently convey design intent to our clients and project stakeholders with the use of 3D models and visualizations in the early stages of project development.”