Landtech is developing the PS&E for the design of a new northbound frontage road from Williams Drive to Lakeway Drive and a new diverging diamond interchange at the Williams Drive intersection in Williamson County, Texas. The current intersection consists of  a conventional diamond interchange. The intersection will be replaced with a diverging diamond interchange, a new innovate design that addresses congestion by allowing left-turn lane traffic to flow through the intersection. This design reduces potential crash points at the intersection and allows more cars to move through the intersection creating a reduction in delays and travel time. As the Prime Design Consultant, we are managing multiple subconsultants under a compressed schedule in order to meet TxDOT’s letting date. We are reviewing project design criteria and deliverables, ensuring quality and adherence to design standards, and managing, directing, and coordinating all activities associated with the project to comply with State policies and procedures and to deliver the work on time. 

Preliminary design tasks include route and design studies; geotechnical investigation and foundation studies;  social, economic and environmental studies; collection of right of way and utility data; and design and construction surveys. We are preparing a bridge layout plan sheet and final design for the following:

  • Bridge-class culvert at Pecan Branch (3 – 10’ x 8’ MBC)
  • I-35 southbound frontage road bridge widening at San Gabriel River North Fort (approximately 1,120 linear feet)
  • Williams Drive overpass at I-35 (approximately 290 linear feet)
  • Bridge-class culvert at I-35 northbound frontage road from Williams Drive to Lakeway Drive
  • Overhead sign bridges

We are developing the geometric, roadway, pavement and pedestrian and bicycle facilities design. We are conducting hydrologic and hydraulic studies and developing the design for cross-drainage structures, temporary drainage facilities, and PS&E for hydraulics. Our comprehensive plans will include signing, pavement markings, delineation, and signalization, retaining walls and miscellaneous structures, traffic control plans, detours, sequence of construction, signalization, illumination, utility details, quantities and estimates.