Land Surveying Insights: Boundary Research and Abstracting

Boundary Surveying

Boundary research and deed abstracting are essential components of land surveying, laying the groundwork for accurate surveys, legal adherence, and clear communication with clients and stakeholders. The combination of research skills, legal and historical knowledge, and surveying expertise is vital to establish a basis for well-informed decision-making, conflict prevention, and the overall stability of property rights and transactions.

Landtech recently provided survey of the Old Jasper Fish Hatchery in Jasper County to resolve a boundary dispute with a neighbor. The property was acquired by the State in 1930 and it encompassed both sides of Indian Creek, a natural spring feed creek which is ideal for a fish hatchery. An issue was raised regarding the property on the north side of the creek where the neighbor has been occupying and cultivating. Landtech performed record research back to the sovereign to establish the chain of title of the State ownership. We completed extensive field surveys to establish the State boundary line which the neighbor acknowledged and accepted.

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